Thursday, 25 May 2017

Yellow Wagtails at Blofield Heath!

I've walked dozens of miles this spring and visited every regular site looking for a Yellow Wagtail to photograph. Today my Big Bro' came up from Kent to join me for a run round the Yare Valley resorts: Yellow Wag was very much on the agenda!

First port of call was Cantley: like everywhere else in the Valley at the moment there was  far too much water for any waders and there were hardly any ducks or gulls either. The two most interesting birds were a Red Kite dozing on a distant windpump and one of the Peregrines sitting on its nest atop the silo elevator. A Hot Cross Bun was steaming on one of the paths!

A move northwards produced the lovely sound of two - possibly three - Turtle Doves purring away at a traditional site, but we never got a glimpse!

Last stop was Strumpshaw, where the only subjects we found  at which to point a camera were the clump of Twayblade Orchids. It looked as if Rob's visit was destined to be a little unproductive, but at the eleventh hour a pair of Yellow Wagtails dropped onto the road in front of us! Within a mile of the front door, these beautiful sprites flirted with what little traffic uses the road before flying off into the wheatfields.

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