Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Norwich RSPB Group

Over a year ago I was invited to come and talk to the Norwich RSPB Group: January's dose of pneumonia meant I had to cancel and reschedule. Last night I finally met the group and gave a talk about wildlife in the Yare Valley. As you know, I deliver many talks and formal lectures every year, typically to quite 'compact' gatherings: last night, however, was a refreshing exception! I was pleasantly surprised by the turnout - Hellesdon Community Centre was full - and by the warmth of the welcome I received. I spoke for around two hours with a short break in the middle and thoroughly enjoyed the whole evening.

Nice to bump into RSPB local groups officer Drew Lyness (wearing his trademark woolly hat!) and pleasant to be able to put faces to a number of people (blogger Sarah, John and David in particular)  who I've only previously 'met' online! A terrific evening: many thanks for the invitation!

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