Friday, 3 November 2017

Terrific waxing moon...

The Moon rose just after sunset last night, appearing from a belt of low mist - just a fabulous sight. Lots of high-relief crater fields along the terminator (the line between lit / unlit) and the amazing ray crater Tycho showed particularly well. Tycho is one of the more recent lunar craters and may only be a million years old: the 'rays' are belts of ejecta blasted out by the impact that formed the crater. It is widely believed that the strange, glassy impactites known as Tektites may have been produced by this event, showering down on Earth some 400.000 years ago.

Just out of interest, a waxing Moon is one that is getting larger, as opposed to waning (diminishing). The word derives from the German wachsen - to grow.


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