Thursday, 2 August 2018

Boulter's Lock and Savill Gardens: Ring-necked Parakeets and a Honey Buzzard

Our final day in Maidenhead started with a walk along the Thames at Boulter's Lock: usual Red Kites and Buzzards, but the most interesting birds were a family group of Ring-necked Parakeets eating 'conkers' high up in a Horse Chestnut tree.

A drive to Savill Gardens (near Windsor) added more RNPs to the trip list, as well as Nuthatch and - best of all - a super Honey Buzzard that drifted over the tree tops at Virginia Water.

Earlier, Mum-in-Law's tiny garden hosted seven species of bird, including juvenile Song Thrushes.


John said...

Wow David! Great pic of the HB, congrats!

David said...

Cheers, John!
Best view I've had since the 'good old days' at Swanton Novers!
Taken through my brother-in-law's car window!