Tuesday, 9 April 2019

About face: Sand Martins and Swallows

Gratifying to see that 'people power' does sometimes influence poor decisions by politicians and multi-million pound businesses: North Norfolk District Council have decided 'after public pressure' to remove much of the netting from Bacton Cliffs that was visibly preventing returning Sand Martins from reaching last year's burrows. (Fascinating to observe the RSPB back-peddling after initially 'advising' the NNDC on how best to position the nets!)

After positive discussions with 'Nature's Voice', we have instructed contractors to remove upper levels of netting at Bacton cliffs. Minimum levels will be retained to assist in progressing with this critical project to protect people’s homes and national infrastructure

In similar fashion, Tesco at Harford Bridge, Norwich have removed (albeit temporarily) the anti-Swallow netting they had installed.

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