Friday, 26 April 2019

Black-winged Stilt at Potter Heigham

Since Linda was having a day out with her grandchildren, I was free to leave home early and walk the mile or so from Potter Heigham to the well-known 'Tin Hut' on the northern side of the scrape. The very first bird I saw on the water was the Black-winged Stilt: just twenty yards away, but annoyingly up-sun. Nevertheless, by winding up the backlight feature on my Pentax, I managed a few reasonable images. Lots of Med Gulls flying about, as well as a few Godwits and the usual ducks. A great short session!

I'm pleased to be able to report that I met a considerate dog owner! I expect the vast majority are, but this very pleasant gentleman had his miniature Schnauzer under control on a short lead, while his beautifully-obedient Labrador never left his side. A refreshing change!

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