Wednesday, 17 April 2019

Garganey at Buckenham Marsh

It was such a delightful morning that I delayed mowing the lawn and cleaning the pond filters until after lunch! I decided on a visit to Buckenham Marsh: it hasn't yet been turned into a recreation area for children and, if you arrive early enough, you can often find some decent (if distant) birds.

Today the best on offer was a pair of Garganey (plus another possible female) These spent most of their time asleep, just occasionally putting up their heads for a scout around! I was pleased to be able to point them out to a couple of 'regulars' who hadn't noticed them among the vegetation. Two Pink-footed Geese lingered in the heat haze: both seemed to have damaged wings.

Lots of Ruff, Avocets and Lapwings, as well as a dozen Sedge Warblers, five Cetti's and over a hundred Peacocks: a few each of Red Admiral and Small Tortoiseshell as well.

No SEOs or GWEs, but it was interesting to watch the Lapwings mobbing the Marsh Harriers. (I assume 'Green Z4' is a local bird...)

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