Sunday, 14 April 2019

Lesser White-fronted Goose, Black Kite and other imponderables...

The Lesser White-front was back at Potter Heigham today: this begs the question - was it he/she that toured West Norfolk and Suffolk yesterday, or are there more than one of these delightful little geese in the region? None of my photos (nor Steve Gantlett's) show a ring, and my flight shots reveal the bird to be fully-winged with no signs of past pinioning. Why, then, is it being 'red starred' as an escape? Isn't it more likely to be from Holland or elsewhere on the continent? It really is wary: when walkers approach its favourite region of bank it is always the first bird to fly off (admittedly only across the river!)

And what's going on with the Black Kite in Suffolk? Now that the famous 'falconer's escape' has managed to chew off its jesses, why was RBA so certain that the bird recently reported at Walberswick and Reydon was a wild individual? Wangford is just a hop away!

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