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Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Feed the birds!

There's been a lot of chat online and on the TV about the importance of feeding wild birds during the current spell of cold weather: but, IMHO, our garden birds benefit from feeding all year round. Linda and I spend £30+ a week on seeds, fruit, suet and so on, with the result that we really do have a good number of visitors to the garden.

Today there were up to 30 Blackbirds, as well as Rooks, Fieldfares, Pied Wagtails and the usual Robins, Doves, Pigeons and Tits. Water is really important too: but why wait until a spell of bad weather? We have three bird baths, a pond and a splash pool in our little garden. Despite being surrounded by an arable 'desert', we have had Redstarts, Turtle Doves and Spotted Flycatchers nesting in our trees and hedges...

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