Thursday, 29 March 2018

Child-centred! Potential Darwin Award winners!

Yes, I'll admit: I've had a stressful morning - Hospital and medical appointments among other dramas. Driving home, I turned into our small cul-de-sac, slowing down to a walking pace, because some moron always parks a Land Rover right by the corner.

A little further on, two kids of about 10 years of age were lying in the middle of the road! I virtually stopped, thinking they might have fallen over or something: but no - they looked up, then carried on fiddling with the toboggan (in the sunshine???)  or similar that they were playing with. I hooted a warning: that's what car horns are for! The two boys stood up and ambled off to their front garden, where their mother was mowing the lawn.

I carried on and parked on our drive: within seconds the woman came strutting over like a galleon under sail, ranting and raving about how I'd scared her poor little boys. I tried to be polite - I was polite - pointing out that lying in the middle of a road is not a great idea, and that all I'd done was warn them of my approach. She carried on screaming, so I left her to it.
What sort of example is she setting the two boys? That nothing they do is wrong, or carries consequences?

This is where we are in the modern UK...  As an ex-teacher with forty year's service, I, more than many people, acknowledge that young people have rights: but they also have responsibilities and should surely also be imbued with a little consideration for other members of the community and a sense of personal danger.

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