Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Brecks with Brian: Shrike, Woodlarks, Goshawk and an Osprey!

Today was forecast (correctly, for a change!) to be calm and sunny, so Brian and I went south yet again!

First stop was Grimes Graves, where we enjoyed great views of Woodlark and the long-staying Great Grey Shrike, as well as dozens of Buzzards (Up to seven in one 'kettle'!) We saw two distant Goshawks, one of which flew over Brian's distantly parked car allowing the worst-ever photograph of the species!

A move to Santon Downham added nest-building Grey Wagtail to the day-list, while Lakenheath gave us Kingfisher, Great White Egret (no- honestly!) and Osprey: the bizarre VTOL aircraft, not the bird!

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