Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Glaucous Gull, Great Yarmouth

Following a cold and pretty uneventful walk around Strumpshaw (just a Stonechat!) I went home to do an hour's work. Best-laid plans of mice and men: I was messaged by a friend to say there was a first winter Glaucous Gull hanging around the seafront at Great Yarmouth.

Half an hour later I was walking up and down the Waterways, failing to find any large gulls at all. I bumped into a guy I knew from the GYBC who said he'd seen it around the Bloaters stadium, so I spent another half hour there and on the nearby recreation ground. Eventually I decided to call it a day, deciding to drive back past the Waterways. Good job I did! I noticed a small group of young birders throwing down bread to a swirling cloud of gulls and feral pigeons: behind them on a roof loafed the Glaucous Gull! Terrific to connect with this 'biscuit with wings' so soon after the Kings Lynn Iceland: it was immediately apparent just what a mean-looking species Glaucs are!

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