Monday, 4 January 2016

Strumpshaw, Buckenham and Whitlingham Lane!

A long walk (around seven miles) in the watery sun produced very few of the expected / hoped for birds, but was still both therapeutic and enjoyable!

At the Fen Brian and I  connected with a close little Weasel (too dark for pictures!) a confiding Stonechat and a few Redwings. A Chinese Water Deer spent a while scenting the air: I've never personally witnessed this before.

I went on to Buckenham, where a short scan of the marshes revealed little out of the ordinary, so I decided to take a drive to Whitlingham Lane for a bash at the Pintail hybrid. Despite walking up and down the south shore several tines, there was no sign of it nor of any Goosanders, so (after a chat with Strumpshaw chum Mike and his wife) I headed home. On the way I pulled into a layby at Witton to photograph the best bird of the day: a Red Kite that drifted across the A47.

At home our regular Jays were squabbling over suet balls on the lawn...


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