Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Stuck at home! Meteorites, Redwings and Chinooks....

With deliveries all morning and a scheduled boiler maintenance this afternoon, I've been catching up on office work all day: I've got some incredible new meteorites ready for the start of the 'fairs' season in February and they all needed grading, labelling and boxing. Good fun (if you like meteorites!) but, given the decent weather, a little frustrating. I attach a photo of a tray of Pallasites: beautiful and rare and very popular among collectors.

A familiar 'whup whup' caused me to glance up from the computer to see a Chinook heading west: one of my favourite helicopters, although I never flew one nor flew in one! While I was grabbing a couple of snaps, I noticed that a flock of Redwings had moved on to the cotoneasters: fascinating and beautiful birds that hung around until dark.

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