Saturday, 30 September 2017

This MUST be a Caspian Gull, surely?

I had an enjoyable solo walk around Buckenham Marshes this morning: no passerines popped up and no raptors, either. The water in the 'scrape' was pretty deep, so the few birds present were crammed onto the small islands. Apart from a flock of Lapwings and a single Ruff, the only other birds of interest were gulls: Lesser Black-backed, Black Headed, Common and - hello! What's this? A largish white headed gull dropped in briefly near a somewhat bulkier Lesser Black-back. It was doing a fairly good impression of a Ring-billed Gull: I offer the possibility that it is a first winter Caspian Gull, and wait to be ridiculed by those who stayed in to watch F1 qualification or chased off after other people's discoveries!

I carried on round to Strumpshaw, where there was even less to look at: quite a large gallery waiting for the BTs, though. This included Brians S & T, as well as 'Blonde Liz' and Rob Wilson - always good to chat.

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