Monday, 25 December 2017

Christmas day!

It seems to have become the fashion on some of the better-followed blogs to publish occasional 'family interest' posts, so I thought I'd go with the trend! I do have two lovely daughters, but, for their own reasons, they've both cut me out of their lives: luckily, I have two step-children too, who haven't!

A great start to the holiday (although, since Linda has now retired, every day is pretty much a holiday!) when her son Simon joined us for breakfast. A novelty for me to cook bacon (Linda and I have been veggies for thirty+ years!) but I must have got it right, because Simon woofed it up! We did the present thing after breakfast: as you can see, I neglected to remove the price tag from Linda's Kingfisher earrings!

We bought ten kilos of apples at the usual Sunday carboot yesterday and the Blackbirds and Starlings have been polishing them off with gusto. The garden has been full all morning with Pheasants, Partridges and our adopted Chicken ever-present..


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