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Thursday, 25 June 2015

Back in the Valleys! (Yare and Bure, that is!)

Just a couple of hours available, but the weather forecast was promising, so I dashed up to Strumpshaw Fen. To be honest, there was nothing unexpected on show, but you do get the chance to see some terrific wildlife up close and personal!

Sitting in Fen Hide with Brian, Mike, Kim and her new acolyte Linda (ex  Pedro's chef!) we were entertained by Herons, Harsh Harriers and pinging Beardies, before B, M and I moved off to the meadow.

Even more Norfolk Hawkers and Hairies today, but I still failed to find a Hairy that would sit still for a photo!

Brian and I decided on a move to Upton: as we left a really tatty crow was giving the good news to an even tattier Buzzard (Alright: I read too much Andy McNab!)

Upton Fen was strangely quiet - the temperature had dropped a little - but we did see our first Emerald Damsel and Brown Hawker of the year, as well as a few Black-tailed Skimmers and Norfolk Hawkers.

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