Friday, 5 December 2014

Bunwell Buzzard Bonus!

As I was driving home from my framers in South Norfolk, I passed through the little village of Bunwell. Ahead of me, a movement along a hedge-line attracted my attention: thinking it might be an owl, I sped up until I was level with the field margin, stopped and scanned with my binoculars. To my astonishment I could see two large raptors perched on top of the hedge about ten yards apart:  one was a Common Buzzard, the other was a Peregrine!

My camera was in the back of the van, so I slipped out the 'blind side' (not easy in an LDV Cub!) unlocked the side door and retrieved my K-x / Sigma 300 zoom. I peeped around the end of the van in time to see the falcon disappearing into the distance :( The Buzzard, fortunately, remained!

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