Friday, 19 December 2014

Ringtail at Strumpshaw

Wish I'd seen this! I remarked to my good friend Norman 'Foggy' Tottle that Ben Lewis had mentioned that there'd been no records of Hen Harrier from the Fen this Winter. Norman replied that he'd photographed one on the 4th!

Here are his excellent photos, taken from Fen Hide at around 7.00am: the early worm gets the bird!


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Ben Lewis said...

I think I said that 'I' have not seen a hh this autumn, I knew about Normans fen hide record as I (slightly enviously) put it in the recent sightings blog on the 9th.
I still have not seen it yet but there have been subsequent reports and I have a roost count this Sunday so fingers crossed!

Cheers- Ben