Friday, 13 April 2018

A run around the East Coast

Linda and I had business in the east this morning, so came home via the coast road from Horsey through to Bacton. We were sort of hoping for a Ring Ouzel or Crane, but in the event there was very little to be seen: lots of Mute Swans, Buzzards and Marsh Harriers at Horsey, more Buzzards at Waxham (and a small flock of Guinea Fowl in a nearby cereal field) and a large group of Brent Geese at Walcott.

Back home, while Linda and I were doing a spot of garden maintenance, this small black Bumblebee buzzed loudly in the borders. Any ideas?


James Emerson said...

Hi David.

Your bee is a female Hairy-footed Flower Bee (Anthophora plumipes). It's a sexually dimorphic species - the females are all black and the males are a kind of tan colour with a pale yellow triangle on the face.

They are often found in gardens in late March and April, favouring plants with long flowers like Lungwort.



John Eady said...

Hi David, l think it's a female hairy-footed flower bee, Anthrophora plumipes, one of the earliest bees to emerge in spring
Best wishes
John Eady

David said...

Many thanks, Gents!