Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Lesser Golden Plover at Buckenham?

Two readers of the blog (Derek & Edward) have been kind enough to suggest that one member of the Golden Plover flock I photographed yesterday is / could be a Lesser. I attach a couple more photos for those among you who know about such things to look at!
(I have seen several of each, but am far, far from being an expert!)
The bird in question is the one on the left in pic 1.


Steve Smith said...

Not for me. Although I've been wrong before :-)

John Bridge said...

Lesser all day

Mike Rotch said...

Just been down and had it with a small flock of European. Was still present at 10.30am. Great find David. The king strikes again

David said...

Thanks for all the input, guys: most welcome!
Did you get any photos Mike? I'd love to see one of the bird on the ground - even I can pick them out on the deck!