Wednesday, 25 April 2018

American Bittern: fourth fruitless attempt!

In view of the fabulous images taken over the past couple of days, I thought I'd grab a window of opportunity and head out to Carlton Marshes.

To cut to the chase: I stood at the end of 'the dyke' for seven hours, during which time no-one present saw the Bittern. Twice Eurasian Bitterns flew short distances, but they had nothing about them to suggest a more exotic origin!

I finally left just after five as it started to rain: possibly the weather might've improved and possibly the bird showed later, but none of the well-known Tweeters I left behind posted that they'd been lucky.... so why was it on RBA as definitely there?

A few interesting birds came and went: two Swifts, several House and Sand Martins, a Greenshank and a flock of Avocets were about the pick. In all honesty, the best part of the day was chatting to a great couple from Cambridge and a really nice bloke from Bexley Heath: it's the personalities you meet that can make birding all worthwhile!

Will I try again? Possibly: but I'll take a stool and a decent packed lunch if I do!


chris said...

Not to worry David. More important things a. Any way that yank is so last week.

David said...

All true, Chris: but I'd still like to see it close up!