Thursday, 17 May 2018

Horsey and Hickling in the mist

Linda joined Norman, Brian and me for a ten-mile slog around Horsey and Hickling on the off chance of finding a migrant or two. In the event - just as the clouds began to break up at around 7.30 am - a bank of mist rolled in from the sea. The temperature dropped dramatically and all the birds we'd been hearing or seeing disappeared! We did manage to find perhaps a dozen Stonechats, a Tree Pipit, flocks of Linnets and a lone Wheatear. The Grey Seals were loafing about on the beach with a few immature gulls waiting to pick at the carcase of a dead pup (Too gruesome to post photos!) One unfortunate seal had become wrapped in discarded fishing net...

Hickling was little better: just lots of Marsh Harriers and a pleasant stroll in good company.

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