Monday, 7 May 2018

Two patch year ticks, but no Wood Warbler...

A very early stroll around the Fen failed to produce the sound of any reeling locustellas (I can't hear Groppers unless they're close!) but I did enjoy prolonged views of a pair of Common Sandpipers along the river bank. Lots of Willow Warblers as well as Reed, Sedge and Garden Warblers: just two Cettis, so perhaps the cold spell affected them... A Stoat dashed past, not displaying the black tip to his tail, because it wasn't there! Several Twayblades have emerged in the woods - always good to see!

Local birder Chris and I walked around some of the way together: his phone alerted us that RBA was reporting the Wood Warbler at Mousehold, so I took my leave and headed west.

Lots of people searching (Graham, Paul, David, Dave H etc) but no sight or sound (apart from one early report), so I returned home.

On the way I stopped at a local 'hotspot' and added Turtle Dove to the yearlist: bumped into Chris again, and we enjoyed a kettle of Buzzards and a Red Kite together. I noticed on one of the Buzzard snaps that a very distant 'Pregnant Guppy' Beluga cargo plane was passing distantly: strange looking thing!

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