Wednesday, 13 June 2018

A morning with the Bure Valley Conservation Group

Linda and I were welcomed by the BVCG for what has become an annual talk and walk around Upton Fen. We drove up with friend and neighbour Sue (enjoying excellent views of Tuesday's Little Owl on the way!) and quickly helped set the hall up for the talk. This was very well attended and, I'm relieved to say, went down well!

On the way from the Village Hall to Upton Fen we found another Little Owl, posing in a roadside Oak. It was at this point that I discovered my #1 camera had gone U/S!

At first butterflies were hard to come by, but I did manage good views of a couple of Grasshopper Warblers, two Hobbies and the other usual fen species. Eventually the sun grew nice and warm and we began to rack up a few butterflies, including Swallowtail, Small & Large Skipper and Wall Brown.


Louis Parkerson said...

Hello David. I am a local birder in Horstead and I was wondering if you could tell me any reliable locations for Little Owls. If you can't then no worries though.

David said...

Hi Louis!
If you e-mail me on:
I can certainly tell you of a few I know!

simon saywers said...

any fen orchids out at upton david

David said...

Hi Simon!
Yes, there are!
But really you need to go on a guided tour with the NWT to see them - their location is quite dangerous and kept secret!