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Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Fen Orchids, Pugsley's and Marsh Helleborines: some good odonata too!

A couple of hours with Norman at Upton Fen was, as always, tranquil and enjoyable: we only met three other people during our five mile circuit (Hi Colin & Roger!)

Best of the birds were fleeting views of a couple of Grasshopper Warblers and a Hobby: lots of Reed and Sedge Warblers still singing, though. Some excellent close-ups of Brown, Norfolk and Southern Hawkers, and I've never seen so many damselflies: lots of mint-fresh Emeralds. The woodland path produced a couple more White Admirals as well as the usual Skippers, Ringlets and Meadow Browns...

Best of the day, though, were the orchids: lots of Southern Marsh, of course, but even more Fen Orchids, as well as newly-opened Marsh Helleborines. Slightly contentious were a couple of spikes of what I'm convinced were Pugsley's Marsh Orchids...

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