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Wednesday 31 July 2019

Runt Dunlin, or something better?

When I found a small calidrid at Cley yesterday morning (pictured below), the first thing that struck me was how petite it was. It was slimmer and smaller than nearby Dunlins and my first thought was Little Stint - it was a very long way away! The colour caused me to think of Temminck's, while its gait suggested Sanderling or even White-rumped Sandpiper! As you can see, it's just a little smaller than the Little Ringed Plover with which it was associating and never joined the group of Dunlin some 20 or so metres away.

I've had opinions from several well-known birders: these range across all of the above! It is quite probably a small Dunlin, but there was just something different about it...

I've had quite a few very interesting and intelligent suggestions (and a few that are medically impossible!) Many thanks for all. As I have often reminded readers: I can't publish anonymous comments: but thanks anyway...

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