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Saturday, 4 January 2020

Three species of Egret at Halvergate!

If you're over sixty (as I am) you'll remember when even Little Egrets were rare birds, worthy of jumping in the car and chasing across the county to see. As I've mentioned a few hundred posts ago, I left a dinner party and drove to Welney to see my first! Great White was so rare in the seventies that I queued for an hour to see my first from the top of Horsey Mill: adding Cattle Egret to my life-list required a dash through the Fens to Lincoln.

Yesterday, on my way home from the Eccles Desert Wheatear, I stopped briefly at Halvergate Marshes. Within a minute I'd seen all three species! (I also saw a second Great White Egret at Horsey) I wonder how long it will be until Squacco Heron becomes an equally frequent Norfolk bird?

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