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Saturday, 13 February 2021

All the Swans? Well: just maybe!

There are just three 'authentic' wild Swans here in the UK: Mute, Whooper and Bewick's. Additionally, we have breeding populations of Black Swan (lots more of these Australian introductions than Golden or Lady Amsherst's Pheasants, I reckon!)

There are two other species that hover around the UK list, both North American. These are Whistling Swan and Trumpeter Swan. The latter I saw down in Suffolk a few years back (although it was claimed by some to have been a local escape) while the other I might have seen at St Benet's Abbey. There are two accepted records of Whistling Swan in the UK (one of which was in Norfolk around the time I took my photo) so you never know....

Bewick's Swans

Whooper Swan

Adult Whooper and Bewick and juv. Bewick

Mute Swans

Black Swan family

Trumpeter Swans

Possible Whistling Swan

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