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Wednesday, 10 February 2021

Most of the Shrikes!

Lockdown last year prevented me from adding a new species to the list of Shrikes I've seen in the UK: Masked Shrike. Would I have travelled to Shuart in Kent on a 'normal' year? In this case, yes, I think I would: I really like Shrikes and am only a couple short of the 'full set'

How many species are there in the UK? That's a difficult question: it depends who you ask! The red-tailed group comprises Daurian / Isabelline Shrikes, Turkestan Shrikes and Red-backed Shrikes, all of which I may have seen! The Great Grey group includes Steppe Grey Shrike and Northern and Southern Great Grey Shrikes: again, I may have seen all of these! At the time I was looking at them, the consensus was that I had!

Woodchats are beautiful birds, which seem to have been a lot more common in the past: certainly, Linda and I videoed quite a few...

Brown Shrike, Stiffkey

Isabelline Shrike, Beeston Common

Isabelline Shrike, Stiffkey

Isabelline Shrike, Horsey

Red-backed Shrike, Waxham

Woodchat, Winterton South Dunes

Steppe Grey Shrike, Burnham 

Great Grey Shrike, Cockley Cley

Lesser Grey Shrike, Horsey

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