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Monday, 1 February 2021

All ten crows!

I may not be a committed twitcher, but I have lived long enough to see - and photograph - all ten British corvids. There will be a lot of younger birders out there who haven't had the pleasure of seeing a Nutcracker: there just hasn't been a twitchable one since 1991! I've included the Pied Crow, because it was a beautiful bird, took a lot of catching up with and was never proven to be a UK escape...

Chough (Pembrokeshire)

Raven (Skomer Island)

Juvenile Rook (My garden!)

Adult Rooks

Jay (Strumpshaw Fen)

Jackdaw (My garden)

Magpies (Norwich)

Pied Crow (Cromer)

Nutcracker (Westleton)

Carrion Crow (Blofield Heath)

Hooded Crow (Mautby)


Dylan Wrathall said...

HI David,
There was a "twitchable" Nutcracker at Kingsdown, Kent on 6th & 7th September 1998. I should know, because I twitched it! Nice photos btw - Dylan

David said...

Hi Dylan!
That one slipped under my (decidely East Anglian) radar! Thanks for letting me know!