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Monday, 22 February 2021

WISE Archive

This afternoon I was interviewed for over an hour about my careers in teaching, meteoritics and writing. This was for a Norfolk online archive which can be accessed by anyone who's interested: the link is:


I was quite flattered to be asked, although we covered only a fraction of my somewhat chequered career! Amusingly, the interviewer asked lots about the Apollo Astronauts and where I got my meteorites from, but neatly avoided any reference to my 65-year interest in the UFO phenomenon!

The pictures below will feature in the archive when my 'piece' is published...

Lecturing at the Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge

BBC Radio Norfolk

My first fossil collection

Spacerocks UK

Stargazing Live for the BBC

The Space Station

A large iron meteorite

Norfolk fossils I've collected

Selection of meteorites from stock

My books!

Astronauts I've met

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