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Tuesday, 2 March 2021

Photography + fog = rotten images!

My exercise walk today produced some interesting birds, but since a) many were right up in the canopy and b) it was a very misty morning, the results were less than prize-winning!

Since I had business in Brundall, I carried on to the Fen for my walk - not that much of the reserve is open! I suppose there's a reason why the riverside path heading west is closed, but I can't think it's too muddy - the reserve was pretty dry. Something to do with C-19? Hardly: all the other paths are open...

Best birds were in the woodland: well over 200 Siskins and 100+ Redwings - the twittering was astonishingly loud! Very little else, to be honest: still, it was a pleasant walk with no other humans encountered! Heaven!

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