Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Yare Valley highlights, 2014

Yet another year draws to a close: once again, it's been a terrific twelve months on the patch, with a final total of 168....

The highlights for me were the 'nearly breeding' Cranes at the Fen (five miles north I found a pair that did raise a chick!) the extraordinarily confiding Desert Wheatear at the Yare's mouth in Gorleston and the successful breeding of two pairs of Turtle Doves in my garden: this is the eighth successive year that this has occurred!

Peregrines nested at Cantley, and it was a terrific year for Water Rail, Bittern, Kingfisher and Bearded Tit at Strumpshaw.

New birds for me at the Fen included Garganey, Crane, Little Gull, Goldeneye, Slav Grebe, Penduline Tit, Grasshopper Warbler and Little Owl.

Personal note: many, many thanks for the help and friendship of Martin Read, Brian Tubby, Norman Tottle, Kim Breddy and, of course, Ben Lewis!

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