Friday, 30 December 2016

Five minutes of fame! (Well: an hour, in fact!)

This morning I spent an hour being interviewed by Louise Priest for the BBC. I have to say: she proved to be a charming and delightful person, but with the quick mind and perspicacity of a very experienced journalist: she had me talking about lots of things I rarely discuss in public!

A thoroughly enjoyable and entertaining interlude: many thanks to Louise and to Beeb producer Ian who has always been a friendly and supportive contact...

You can listen to the interview for 29 days here:


Brian Shreeve said...

Hi David,

Just listened to the interview on BBC by Louise Priest. You came over very good, a brilliant and interesting interview, loved it. You could have made it longer, perhaps this is episode ONE. Look forward to Two.

Regards Brian

David said...

Bless you! You are most kind, Brian!
Happy New Year to you both!