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Sunday, 25 December 2016

Christmas breakfast!

It's become a bit of a tradition for Linda, Mum-in-law Mary and me to have breakfast 'out' on Christmas Day.

Having spent most of yesterday either shopping or assembling Mary's new flat-packed chairs (total nightmare!) it was good to drive into town and enjoy eggs benedict and really good coffee at Café Rouge in Windsor Station. The staff and food were both impeccable: we passed a terrific hour before taking a walk across the bridge to Eton. There's a new (?) memorial to Sidney Camm - the designer of the Hurricane - by the Thames. Linda and Mary treated themselves to cakes from a great little patisserie before driving home to start prepping Christmas dinner: this year I've made a chestnut, mushroom and red wine paté en croute.

Lot of Kites, winter thrushes and Parakeets seen (but not photographed today!) as well as a flock of twenty or so Waxwings on Boyn Hill Road.

Four in the afternoon, and I still haven't had anything alcoholic: colds are a great way to lose weight!


The infamous chairs!

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