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Monday, 12 December 2016

Latest ever butterfly, Redwings and a cute Winterton seal pup.

As I was working in the office this morning, I glanced out to check a small flock of Redwing that had landed in our Sycamore - you never know: another Dusky could turn up anywhere! If that happens to be in my garden, my hot snacks will be Linda McCartney, naturally! While I was grabbing a couple of images, a Comma flew strongly past. It briefly flopped down on the roof, allowing just one 'through glass' photo, but still: my latest ever, beating last week's Peacock.

Just thought I'd add a couple of photos of one of the numerous cute seal pups snoozing on the beach at Winterton and add a plea to give them a wide berth: this picture was taken from a range of 150m, so there's no need to get closer, especially if you have children or dogs with you. These will both stress the little chaps... And, of course, Mum was never far away and seals have a formidable set of teeth!

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