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Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Half an hour of fame with Louise Priest!

I'm 'doing' another interview for BBC Radio Norfolk on Friday: I'm in the studio with Louise Priest from around 11.00am, chatting (I think!) about meteorites, my books and my somewhat eccentric life in Science!

I've given several interviews in the past and - although always fraught because you are totally 'off the cuff' - they've been enjoyable experiences. I do miss my involvement with BBC's regional Stargazing Live broadcasts: I did four of these before the Beeb condensed the event to a somewhat 'show-bizzy' couple of hours with messrs. Cox and O'Briain at Jodrell Bank. Shame really: the regional events (at Norwich, Flag Fen and Cambridge) attracted large crowds and generated lots of enthusiasm for Astronomy. Maybe the Beeb will reconsider...

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