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Friday, 2 December 2016

Bean Geese, Waxwings and Great White Egret: Yare Valley clean up!

Having completed all my office work early, I had a couple of hours spare, so visited Buckenham for another look at the Taiga Bean Geese. There were more today - 21 - but they were much further away. Anyone on a train to Yarmouth will have got good views though! The attractive Ross-type goose was feeding with feral Barnacles, but apart from some distant Whitefronts, that was it. A couple of Essex birders I met were keen to see the Costessey Waxwings, so I suggested they follow me there: in the event, they used their Sat-Nav and got there under their own steam. No Waxwings at 11.00 am, so I crossed the Dereham Rd to Bowthorpe: none there either, but a walk on the marsh provided cracking views of the Great White Egret.

A brief return to Jerningham Rd. provided tree-top glimpses of four Waxwings in the gloom: as soon as they arrived they were driven off by a very pugnacious Mistle Thrush!


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