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Sunday, 18 December 2016

Cambridge: two lectures and a pantomime!

Every couple of years I'm invited to do a talk at the Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge by the Cambridge Astronomical Society. Very prestigious and lots of fun: one talk for the adults and the second - for the Cambridge Young Astronomers - in the middle of a pantomime! This is put on by a smashing bunch of guys - an eclectic mix of boffins, teachers, and some retired old geezers like me! The kids are amazing: one of the Q&As was about nebulae, and they recognised all ten of the images projected on the big screen: only in Cambridge! The 'pantomime' was 'Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy - I played Arthur Dent!

My lecture to the adults concerned the increasingly apparent link between comets and global extinction events: it seemed to be well-received and attracted some insightful questions. Linda took the photos and set up our sales stand: I'm delighted to say that meteorites and meteorite jewellery seem to be popular gifts this Christmas!

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