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Thursday, 1 December 2016

If you've ever promised your partner the Moon.... can deliver it for just £25!

As many of you will have worked out by now, I sell meteorites for a living (and lecture about them too!) Several people have e-mailed / messaged me to ask for details of items that might be suitable as a Christmas present, so I thought I'd make a few suggestions:

1) A small piece of Lunar or Martian meteorite in an acrylic box. Both are sold with an A4 factsheet and full CoA / provenance and either can be included in the set of eight different meteorites shown below (£75)

2) A beautiful, stable iron meteorite that fell in Argentina around 6000 years ago. We have quite a few, starting at around £250 
3) A stone meteorite - the most ancient type, at over 4.5 billion years old - from North West Africa. These are available for as little as £20
I have literally thousands of meteorites and impactites of many different types, including the beautiful Pallasites shown below:

If anyone is interested in making a purchase, just e-mail me at: info(at) and mention Birds of the Heath for a 10% reduction!

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