Sunday, 4 December 2016

My lens is back, in time for a Fieldfare drop-in!

At last, a month after it went in for a simple repair, my 300 prime has been returned. I've really missed its crisp focusing and 'handle-ability' and I regret not having it to shoot the Shorelarks and Waxwings. Just to show how good it is, here are a few shots of a solitary Fieldfare that visited our cotoneaster today: the Oak branch it's on was over 50 metres away.

Now if only I can shake off this vile cold, all we need is something mouthwatering to photograph: a Norfolk Snowy Owl, perhaps? Or a White-tailed Eagle?


chris said...

Im going Snowy owl. Remember Stingray Any thing can happen in the next half hour.

David said...

It's 25 years since I saw my only Snowy Owl: it was sat out in the middle of a frosty field near Skegness.... Love to see another!