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Monday, 17 October 2016

Beautiful waning Moon - courtesy of a car-boot bargain!

Yesterday morning Linda and I visited our usual Harford P&R car-boot sale: for once we came home with loads of bargains!

My best buy was a superb camera / telescope tripod: an Elevator Husky IV. These sell online for around £80 in good condition: mine is superb and cost just £20! It's really sturdy (designed for video cameras, I think) and stands nearly six feet high fully extended. This makes it perfect for mounting my 500mm zoom on for astronomical work. Here are some atmospheric shots of tonight's Moon - you can see the craters Petavius, Tycho (with the rays!) and Aristarchus (the really bright little one!) among others. You can also plainly see that the 'Ocean of Storms' is actually another really huge impact crater.

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