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Saturday, 1 October 2016

Kelling Heath: Red Squirrels and astronomers!

A very successful day for Linda and me at the Kelling Heath Star Party. Twice a year astronomers travel from all over the UK for a week's observations in an area that enjoys some of the cleanest, darkest skies in the country.

We attend as 'Spacerocks UK' to sell meteorites. meteorite jewellery and flown-in-space memorabilia: this was our fifth year and as enjoyable as ever. One of the main attractions for us is the breeding colony of Red Squirrels that thrive at the site. This year the kittens are to be released on Anglesey, but I believe others will join previous re-introductions at a secret location in the Brecks. How lovely it would be if these charming sprites once again became familiar sights among the pine plantations in the south of Norfolk...

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