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Saturday, 8 October 2016

Firmware update...

I'm sure many / most of the photographers who are kind enough to read my blog are aware of the importance of checking for updates to their camera's firmware, but just in case some of you have missed that page in your manual, I thought I'd mention it!

Every DSLR manufacturer offers an update to the firmware: this is the operating software stored on a non-removable micro-processor inside your camera. Now and then a potential improvement or a problem in the existing firmware is identified: this can be downloaded from the manufacturer's website onto an SD card and copied across onto your camera's processor.

I did this today with my Pentax KS-2: the improvement is startling! The pictures below were taken at the following ranges:
Wood Pigeon: 15m
Collared Dove: 30m
Starling: 75m
Jay: 100m
Crow: 1000m

Apart from cropping, the images are as taken! The sharpness is far better than before the update, despite the pictures being taken through my (somewhat grubby!) office window.

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