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Sunday, 5 April 2020

Three more walk ticks!

It looks as if the small number of mindless and selfish cretins who have been consistently ignoring advice to restrict their movements to exercise and essential journeys may very well be condemning  us all to house arrest... I hope the several dog walkers I encountered along the lanes today, who were getting out of their cars to let their pets take an al fresco crap, are proud of themselves. Still: at least the fly-tippers who seem to think the current emergency is an opportunity for risk-free dumping might have their activities curtailed.

So: if today was the last exercise walk I can take around my village, at least I saw a few good birds (and got my blood sugar down to 7.3) The three additions to the lockdown list - which now stands at 55 - were Swallow, Cormorant and Goldcrest. It's not beyond the bounds of possibility that flyover Terns / Gulls / Hirundines might add to this over the coming weeks.

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