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Wednesday, 21 October 2020

Dippy comes to Norwich!

Some of you may well remember that a full-sized replica of a Diplodocus skeleton once graced the entrance auditorium of the Natural History Museum in London. For reasons best known to the management, this was replaced by a fibreglass Blue Whale a couple of years ago. Since then the skeleton has been on tour around the UK: it's already visited Dorchester, Birmingham, Belfast, Glasgow, Newcastle, Cardiff and Rochdale, where it will be displayed until mid-December.

After Christmas, Dippy (as the poor beast has been nicknamed!) will move to Norwich Cathedral. This visit, for obvious reasons, was rescheduled from the Summer. Linda is one of the volunteers who have been recruited to chat to visitors about the history and prehistory of the Diplodocus: certainly this is an event to log in your diaries!

PS! The organisers are desperate for additional volunteers! You must be able to offer ten four-hour sessions - preferably one a week, if possible!

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high peak said...

it was moved to somehow increase visitor numbers (no idea what thinking behind a whale vs dinosaur went into that) and "to get visitors to think more of the the future than the past" ...some absolute modern day right on 'woke' bollox if ever i heard it...i imagine 99.9% visitors saw dippy and thought wow a massive dinosaur how amazing, whereas now they think wow a massive whale, good but not as exciting/interesting as a dinosaur...