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Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Barking Bittern, Hobbies and an Odonata tick that wasn't!

Linda and I took a run down to Lakenheath with Brian & Norman to see if we could at least hear the Little Bittern: we did! It barked / croaked ten yards in front of us for several hours without revealing itself: interesting to hear, though!

Cuckoos were everywhere (we must've counted at least a dozen), while Hobbies were down to about the same number from around twenty five last week.

Other interesting stuff included a Red Kite, a fly-over Bittern, a Crane and a damselfly which an enthusiast tried to convince me was a White-legged. I told him I doubted these were on the Suffolk list, but he was most insistent. Looking at the photos when I arrived home suggested the damsel in question was a female Azure, but if any of you know any better, do e-mail me!

(Thanks to James Lowen & Geoff Allen for advice on Damsel I/d!)

After lunch we moved to Weeting Heath, where the Stone Curlews were playing hard to get!  A pair of Spotted Flycatchers were much more obliging, as were a pair of Treecreepers that had made their nest behind the NWT sign!

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