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Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Hawfinches in the mist!

With just a morning available, Brian and I returned to Lynford to see if we could improve on our recent views of the Hawfinch flock. The early morning mist refused to lift (despite the BBC's upbeat forecast) and we were beginning to think we were going to be unlucky again: we could barely see the feeders along the 'Orchard Ride'. We strolled down towards the stone bridge and, as the sky gradually brightened, Brian and I picked out a pair on top of a tall tree. These flew towards the feeders, so we retraced our steps and were soon treated to views of two, then four, then twelve of these enigmatic 'super finches'. It's only when you see one beside a Nuthatch or Brambling that you realise just how large they are! Too foggy for good photography, but pleasing 'record shots' anyway.

We stopped off at Santon Downham where Mandarin and Great Spotted Woodie were added to the daylist: we glimpsed the rear end of a Lesser Spot as it flew away calling. but that was it.

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