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Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Herpetology: a tale of two Heaths...

I'm afraid I can't reveal the location of either of today's venues: too many sensitive species involved. I checked carefully before Brian, Norman and I set out, and none of the photos below contravene any laws or guidelines.

Both the heaths we visited are in Norfolk and both are thriving ecosystems, with Dartford Warblers, Nightjars, Adders, Common Lizards and - most special of all - Great Crested Newts. Despite the cool breeze and lack of sun, we managed to see many of the above species, although the warblers were very flighty!

Later on we failed to find the Sparham Great Grey Shrike, despite help from local photographer Stuart Butcher. Apparently the bird was available, but on the other side of the Fakenham Road!


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